Keeping the system safe

Acorn Chemical Services can provide on-going advice and guidance to help clients maintain the integrity of all water systems. We also offer a facility management service to work alongside the client’s own staff.

The service can be supplied as part of an on-going pre-planned programme or as a full facility management process, giving each client access to the full Acorn support team so that all emergencies are resolved expeditiously and pre-planned projects are carried out on time.

The service includes:-

Periodic risk assessment and inspection service to review and monitor all parts of the water distribution system.

Management and maintenance of an on-site Log-Book (hard copy and electronic versions)that includes:-

  • Every Risk Assessment Report 
  • Results of all inspection and monitoring checks
  • Remedial actions and works carried out
  • All chemical and microbiological analyses results
  • Schematic Site drawings
  • Incidents

Maintenance of the complete system as required to:-

  • Flush stagnant and little used outlets
  • Clean disinfect and descale high risk shower heads and taps
  • Planned maintenance and monitoring of the system
  • Emergency repair and water quality sampling