Iron and Steel


A major Iron and Steel manufacturing company in South Wales had an old effluent treatment system based upon the use of lime slurry to neutralise its effluent deficiency.

The existing plant was old and required extensive manual control and intervention. This meant that the slurry mix quality was unreliable, costly and had significant effect on the immediate environment. Newer health and safety regulations also made the existing operation unsustainable.

Acorn Chemical Service was invited to investigate the operation and to develop a solution that would remove all these problems with cost reductions. 

The solution included the design and installation of a fully automated lime mixing plant that provided the client with a major reduction in cost by:-

  • Replacing lime slurry with powdered lime - mixed on site 
  • Reduced transportation cost
  • Reduced operational staff cost

The new technology offered by the plant meant that additional benefits were made both in operational efficiency and on its impact to the environment. Other benefits included the automated control and the optimization facility reducing the on-going maintenance cost.