Risk Assessment


All companies have the mandatory duty to manage the use of water to ensure that is safe and to carry out periodic assessments of any risks that it may generate.

Acorn Chemical Services are authorised to carry out such risk assessments and carry this out in strict accordance with L8 Approved Code of Practice. All assessments include the following parameters:-

  • Inspection of all hot and cold water storage tanks, boilers, calorifiers, pipe-work and outlets (taps, showers, etc.)
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Water Sampling
  • Analysis of microbiological quality (legionella, coliforms, TVC counts, pseudomonas, etc.)
  • Chemical content analysis
  • Generation/update of log-book
  • Production of an in-depth assessment report

The report is written in clear English accompanied with supporting photographs where necessary,  together with a schematic diagram of all assets inspected. The report will include:-

  • Risk Assessment results and recommendations
  • Microbiological Analysis results
  • Creation of  a pre-planned maintenance regime
  • Creation of a pre-planned monitoring programme
  • List of remedial works to be carried out

Acorn Chemical Services can help each client further by carrying out remedial works. These including:-

  • Clean, disinfect and descale high risk outlets
  • Flush little used or stagnant reservoirs
  • Adjust temperature controls of calorifiers
  • Recommend appropriate biocides, scale and corrosion inhibitors and dosing systems.