Cleaning Products

Acorn manufactures and supplies a range of cleaning products for engineering companies.

Acorn Chemical Services’ in-house manufacturing facility and its relationships with other mainstream supliers provide the following specialist cleaning products:-

 Degreasing Products

  • Acorn Stillage Wash
  • Acorn Low Foam Wash
  • Acorn high Peformance VERSITOL
  • Acorn CITRONEL

Exterior Cleaning Products

  • Acorn Traffic Film Remover
  • Acorn Glass Cleaner
  • Windscreen Wash

Personal Cleaning Products

  • Acorn Beaded Hand Cleaner
  • Acorn Pearlised Hand Soap
  • Acorn Barrier Cream
  • Hand Towels
  • Paper Rolls
  • Oil Absorbing Mats, Pads, Rolls, Granules and Socks