Industrial Chemicals

Acorn develops, manufactures and supplies specialist de-greasing and maintenance products for Industry.

Many of these products are regularly used by industry to manage its manufacturing efficiency and safety.

These include:-


  • Acorn Stillage Wash
  • Acorn Low Foam Wash
  • Acorn High Performance VERSITOL
  • Acorn CITRONEL

Industrial Maintenance

  • Acorn Bleach
  • Acorn OT8 Floor Cleaner
  • Acorn PINE GELAcorn Disinfectant
  • Acorn BIO CLEAN
  • Acorn METALLISED Floor Polish
  • Acorn METALLISED Polish Remover
  • Acorn General Purpose cleaner
  • Acorn Brake & Clutch Cleaner
  • Acorn De-watering & Rust Inhibitor
  • Acorn MULTI-PURPOSE Lubricant
  • Acorn Graphite Penetrating Oil
  • Acorn Anti-freezeAcorn Winscreen Wash